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Anyone can make a long range shot at the bench, but having the ability to make a solid rest, in real hunting scenarios, is the key to hunting success.  Last fall, Alicia and I used the Hatch Outwest Bipod on her Desert Sheep hunt.  The adjustment you can make with this bipod allowed for a solid rest in a harsh, 550 yard, downhill shot.  Alicia's two shots dropped the massive 171 B&C ram in his tracks, and could have been covered with a silver dollar.  Thanks to the crew at Hatch Outwest Precision for making the best hunting bipod on the planet!


Ryan and Alicia Hatch

Owners, Muley Crazy Magazine

Kanab, UT


Hands down, this bipod is the most verstile, useful and best-built bipod I've ever used. From bench rest shooting, to sitting postions, and everything in between, it has every position I will ever need.  I just used the Hatch Outwest Bipod to kill my best buck at 400 yards with my muzzleloader, and it performed perfectly!


Steve Monk

Owner, Affordable Long Range

St. George, UT


Greetings Hatch Outwest,

Just wanted to "Thank You"  again for creating such a great bipod!  This is by far the best on the market! For over 37 years, I have found no other bipod that sets up so easily and quickly. It has functioned in any situation I have put it in! And believe me in the last two years I have put it through the test!  It outperforms "All" of the competition!
Feel free to have any of your potential customers contact me if they would like to talk about your product!

Gil Judkins
Pocatello, Idaho

Thanks Hatch Outwest.  Over my 36 year hunting career, I have used countless bipod systems.  When I saw your system at a sport show, I had to put it to the test.  I have used it on 2 Alaska hunts now, most recently a caribou hunt.  The situation called for very quick adjustments that other bipods do not do.  Without the ability to adjust with such ease, the caribou would have surely gotten away.  I am truly sold and will yard sale all the other top brand pods I own!   


Gil Judkins
Pocatello, Idaho

I wanted to say thanks for making such a great product.  Your bipod is by far the best I have ever used.  Its versatile ease of use and quick adjustability allowed me to take my first bull elk in Arizona from the hill you see behind me in this photo.  I had the bipod fully extended and was sitting in a kneeling position at 300 yards.  Everything happened so quickly that I wouldn't have been able to tag this bull with any other bipod!  Thanks for the great bipod.


Karl Connell



I had the opportunity to use the lightweight, versatile Hatch Bipod for the hunting season.  I harvested a Wyoming antelope at 361 yards after crawling and sliding my rifle for over one quarter mile thru dirt and rock.  I got an Idaho mule deer at 880 yards and a Montana elk off a talus rock slope at 420 yards.  The Hatch Bipod adjusts with 2 fingers while never having to take your eye off your quarry. When removed from your rifle, it turns into a quick, smooth monopod for glassing in the back country.  Best piece of hunting equipment EVER!!!


Mike Lee
Bozeman, MT

Finding good products that are worth taking into the back country are hard to find. I was very impressed when I found this bipod from Hatch Outwest.  It attaches on and off easily and adjusts effortlessly and quickly.  It has more adjustment than any other bipod I have found.  It is rock solid when it counts.


Kenny Parrish

Hatch Outwest Bipod is hands down the BEST bipod I have ever used.  It is by far the most realistic bipod for hunting.  It satisfies every hunting situation you will ever be in.  Steep inclines, steep declines, side hills, or flat ground, it doesn't matter.  It provides the hunter with the best opportunity to take, not just a shot, but an ethical one.  There is no other bipod on the market that has the range or function this bipod has.  There will be a Hatch Outwest Bipod on all my guns! Great job on a fantastic product.


Jake Campbell

I used my Hatch Outwest bipod this year to hunt antelope.  Once I found the antelope I wanted to shoot, I put the legs on the 45 degree setting and laid down. Then, the antelope took a couple more steps.  I had to go from laying down to sitting up to see over the sagebrush. The bipod adjusted quickly allowing me to get back on target.  I shot my antelope at 780 yards.  I would not have been able to shoot it without the Hatch Outwest bipod.  My dad shot an antelope at 465 yards on the same trip.  He was laying down with the legs in the 45 degree setting. It workded great for him too.  I have been around other bipods and I don't think they adjust as quickly or easily as the Hatch Outwest bipod.  I would recommend the Hatch Outwest bipod to everyone.


Austin Hollingsworth

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