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It's amazing to see the changes that have come about in the hunting and tactical industry just in the last few years.  New technology has allowed rifles, optics, and bullets to become better than ever. The Hatch Outwest Precision bipod has one or more features covered under U.S. Patents Nos. 9,903,528, 10,386,011, and 11,313,509.  Our bipod offers many options to meet the high expectations of all types of shooters.  It is so versatile that it can be configured as a bipod, monopod, or shooting stick, allowing for a range in height from 6.5" - 56".  You only need to own one pod to get this huge height range.  This makes the H.O. V-3 the most versatile all-in-one bipod on the market.  Its unmatched versatility and adaptability make it a good choice for any shooter.


The Hatch Outwest Precision Bipod is proudly

Made In America.

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